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    Thin Client Computing

    HP t620 PLUS Flexible Thin Client
    Get a powerful and seamless desktop experience, enhanced security features, and premium client virtualization from the HP t620 PLUS Flexible Series Thin Client.

    • Get flexibility where you need it
    • Tailor your hardware and software performance to your exact requirements
    • Customize security the way you want
    • Designed to give you peace of mind

    HP t510 Flexible Thin Client
    Support your virtualization environment with the HP t510 Thin Client – a significant upgrade performance with built-in energy efficiency, smart connectivity features and easy set-up guides for your PC-like multimedia needs.

    • Advanced performance3
    • Windows-based support
    • Convenient connectivity
    • HP Velocity for your network
    • Integrated management
    • Eco-highlights
    • HP service and dependability

    HP t820 Flexible Thin Client
    HP’s most powerful thin client is the full-featured solution to boost efficiency and performance. Get a responsive, smooth desktop experience from a superfast processor. Robust security options deliver superior data protection. Enable cost-effective, remote IT management – and simplify deployments – with the flexibility of a multi-protocol environment. Multiple monitors expand multitasking.

    • Fast or faster – your choice
    • Keep business classified
    • The versatility of virtual
    • Business productivity
    • Manageability
    • Supported by HP