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    Raster to Vector

    Digital images that we normally view on computer are of two types Raster and Vector images. The more popular term used for raster is bitmap and can be saved in bmp, gif, jpeg formats. Bit of squares when converted into pixels under the raster imaging applies red, green, blue (RGB) coloring system. Whereas, vectorized images use geometrical formulas for processing an image; which gives better quality and freedom to edit without doing slightest of damage to the quality of the image. We at NST convert raster to vector images for our clients, as per their requirement.

    While raster images are continued to be used by individuals for personal use; Vectorized images are often used for professional use like Animation Company, CAD, and high resolution graphics. Images for personal use can be raster however, to have a better presentation, Companies generally prefer vector graphics. There is a smooth feel look with vector images and hence is more preferred while creating corporate logos. Also as you enlarge the image it doesn’t give out a blurred look rather remains as sharp as it initially was.

    There may be free or paid softwares in the market to convert raster to vector; However, vector conversion is a time consuming task and can take experts hours to finish; especially for large sized images. However, sticking to our commitment to the clients we deliver vector converted images within the deadline. These softwares can be useful for converting few images meant for personal use but using them on a professional level would only lead to loss of productive time.

    Vector images are gradually gaining popularity. We provide raster to vector conversion for older images saved during the raster era. Similarly, if pictures taken from digital cameras, mobile phone needs to be converted from bitmap to vector, we can do it for you to all your satisfaction.