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    IP Phones

    Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series
    The cost-effective Cisco IP Phone 7800 Series can help midsize to large enterprises meet their business needs with high-quality, full-featured voice communications.

    The IP Phone 7800 Series is optimal for:
    • Customers who currently use traditional analog or digital phones but want to move to IP telephony
    • Organizations that want to expand their investment in Cisco Unified Communications.

    Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series
    Interactive features of the Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series include:
    • Video communications of up to 30 frames per second (with built-in cameras on select models)
    • High-resolution 5-inch color displays for easy viewing
    • High-definition voice for greater clarity
    • Tricolor illuminated LED line and feature keys for "at-a-glance" status for both primary and shared lines

    Cisco Unified IP Phones 9900 Series
    Accelerate decision making with the addition of high-performance business video directly from your desk phone.
    The Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 Series delivers high-quality, interactive multimedia communications and advanced features in an elegant ergonomic design that is user - and eco-friendly.

    Features and benefits include:
    • Interactive high-performance business video elevates and personalizes communications ( Requires Cisco Unified Video Camera)
    • Large, backlit, vibrant high-resolution fully-adjustable color displays enrich user experience for easy viewing
    • Bluetooth 2.0 headsets add freedom at the desk.
    • Dual standard USB 2.0 ports support USB wired headsets for greater choice and convenience
    • High-definition voice (HD voice) provides greater clarity in communications
    • Gigabit Ethernet switch ports enable collocation of a multimedia PC for reduced infrastructure costs
    • Tri-color illuminated LED line/feature keys support at-a-glance status for primary and shared lines.
    • XML applications add business value
    • Cisco Unified IP Color Key Expansion Module adds scalability with additional programmable line/feature keys
    • Two color options and handset styles increase flexibility and comfort

    Eco-friendly features include:
    • Reground and recyclable plastics.
    • Deep-Sleep power option reduces power consumption up to 90 percent in off-hours versus the phone in active state during the workday.