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    PDF Conversion

    The Portable Document Format (PDF) has become quite popular for online and offline use. So a large number of companies have switched to this format. PDF is a very user friendly application. Many PDF readers are freely available online. It can carry text, images or both. Easily editable, searchable, browser friendly and supports a wide variety of fonts and layouts. Companies mainly use it for brochures, forms, annual reports, guidelines etc. This has resulted in huge demand for properly created PDF documents. NST offers cost effective but highly professional conversion and PDF creation services.

    While PDF converting is common, care has to be taken in the presentation of the document, font size, style, bookmarks, images etc. So while most data from the original can be converted and made into PDF some data may prove problematic. Then a manual reproduction or suitable alternative may have to be found. Data can be converted from hard copy materials or digital files like MS Word documents, HTML, Excel sheets, Txt files etc. Images can also be converted into PDF files like JPEG, TIFF, BMP and more.

    We can make PDF out of the following:

    • Paper document
    • Graphic formats like TIFF, BMP, JPEG
    • QuarkXPress, PageMaker and similar software
    • MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint
    • HTML, XML
    • Microfilm & Microfiche

    Businesses going for PDF conversion outsourcing get their data converted into a very sleek and widely distributed format in the market. Any future updating of contents is easily done in PDF. Reliability and security of data is easily managed. It proves cost effective for the company, frees up office space, human resources etc. These resources can be put to better use in furthering the business.

    NST converts and creates PDF using the best tools, technology and talent available in the market. We can deliver huge volume of work within the given time frame with the assurance of the highest professional quality service. This has been our endeavour in all our data processing services and our clients can vouch for it.