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    OCR / Indexing

    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a method by which scanned printed material on paper is converted into digital texts. This is a very sensitive process and the accuracy depends upon the skills of the personnel, technology and the print quality of the source matter. Even with the highest grade technology you don’t get total accuracy. Some human input is required to make up for the short comings. This is called OCR cleanup work. Here misread characters are corrected, missing information from the original document is filled in and other such mistakes are rectified to achieve almost total accuracy.

    OCR is proving to be a great boon for companies which have a huge amount of manual data entry work to be done. OCR converts printed forms, documents etc. into digital copies which are easily editable. It also ensures highly accurate reproduction of company books, journals, forms etc. in digital form. By outsourcing this work to a trusted data outsourcing company like NST, businesses tend to save significant amount of money, office space, high end equipment and human resources. They can instead streamline their business and concentrate on their strengths without any irritable distractions.

    Keeping in mind the high amount of data being generated in the business world and the need for them to be processed quickly, safely and efficiently; NST has taken special care in customizing its OCR services according to customer needs. The OCR software used recognizes different page layouts, font styles, symbols, languages etc. This ensures the OCR conversion is of a very high quality.

    Our indexing software ensures very accurate indexing of the text and other vital data. This makes it easy for archiving and retrieval. Proper indexing is essential as it helps prevent duplication of data. The OCR services provided by NST are one of the best in the market today. It uses the latest high end scanners, software, and highly trained personnel for OCR capture, processing and to deliver the data to its destination in any format specified by the client.