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    Microfiche / Microfilm

    Microfiche or microfilm is a good option for storing data and information, as it is stored in a tiny film tape. The capacity of a single microfilm can vary with the size of the documents archived; normally one microfilm has a storage space of about 250 documents.  Another reason why microfiche is preferred over a CD-Rom is its capacity to sustain dust and temperature.

    However, microfilm microfiche too comes with a drawback and that is, it requires special equipment to view or copy the archived documents. These equipments are high-priced and it is the main reason why, not all can afford to use microfilms.  Another inexpensive way you can view these documents is from your computer. We at NST make this possible for you, by scanning the microfilm in to the computer.

    When there is huge data stored in the microfilm, it becomes necessary that this data is properly indexed to make searching for a particular piece of information easy.  Otherwise, a lot of productive time is wasted searching for that information.  With NST, we also can set proper categories for your files as per the Client’s preference; for e.g. we can categorize under alphabetic order or customer name etc.

    We are well equipped to scan the following types of microfilm/microfiche:

    • Jacket
    • Roll
    • COMBI Microfiche
    • COM
    • Aperture Card
    • Cartridges

    For every type of microfiche, there is a type of microfiche scanning process.  We would implement the right process looking at the particular Client’s requirement. We also ensure that the process turns out to be cost effective for our Clients.

    At NST, we help you do away with this obstruction between you and Microfilm. To be more precise, using a microfilm scanner, we upload the documents archived in the microfilm into computer.  Once this is done you are free to check your documents, edit it as and when you like.  This is done through our microfiche viewer software that comes free with our microfilm services.