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    Industry Standard Server

    Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY-based solutions

    With the general availability of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Server 2012, Fujitsu extended its Infrastructure Solutions and offers its customers access to stable and reliable systems, built to Fujitsu’s exacting standards in Microsoft-validated configurations. By using the new features and functions of Windows Server 2012, Fujitsu supports growth and flexibility, through system extensibility and integrated systems management.

    Fujitsu Cluster-in-a-box

    Fujitsu Cluster-in-a-box provides a fully pre-configured and pre-installed, high-availability IT environment for small and medium-sized companies within one chassis. These solutions offer an excellent price/performance ratio that keeps expenditure and risk to an absolute minimum for the customer. Fujitsu Cluster-in-a-box is an optimal combination of server, storage and network components. A cluster, which consists of two PRIMERGY servers, central storage memory and network components in a compact housing. The solution accesses the high-availability functions of Microsoft Windows Server 2012 in order to provide a high-quality and at the same time especially low-cost clustering platform. If one of the two nodes fails, the services and applications are immediately and automatically restarted on the other node and are thus back in operation within a the shortest time possible.

    Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Micro System

    Uncomplicated, reliable and affordable -
    Fujitsu server PRIMERGY MX increase the productivity of small businesses at minimum cost. How? By providing affordable, easy-to-use, reliable server technology on which to centralize their IT services. They also minimize environmental impact and operating costs through power supplies with best-in-class energy efficiency of 85%. There is no better value server for small businesses.

    Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Blade Systems

    Fujitsu server PRIMERGY Blade BX provide a faster, simpler and lower-cost way to build and run an IT infrastructure for your midsize organization, branch office or large data center. You have the choice of two PRIMERGY Blade Server chassis that reflect Fujitsu’s quality and experience in server design. The PRIMERGY BX900 is a complete dynamic server infrastructure in a box, enabling to react to rapidly changing needs. If you need maximum availability, particularly within a virtualized environment, the PRIMERGY BX900 will meet all your requirements, with the scalability to cope with peak workloads. For midsize organizations and/or branch office requirements, the PRIMERGY BX400 Blade Server is the natural choice. It combines the performance and reliability of the BX900, with enhanced ease-of-use, versatility, and the smaller footprint required by organizations with fewer resources, and less space.

    Fujitsu DynamicFabric

    The Fujitsu server PRIMERGY Blade BX portfolio with its inherent networking infrastructure and advanced management tools are key components of the Fujitsu Dynamic Fabric. This approach helps customers to build a flexible and optimized converged infrastructure to achieve better business results. Dynamic Fabric combines a set of innovative, freely combinable network technologies to achieve breakthrough cost savings, dynamize server and storage network connections while providing seamless interoperability with existing data centre networks.

    Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Rack Systems

    The comprehensive family of racks -

    Every business needs a reliable, efficient IT infrastructure that can support current and future business needs. Fujitsu server PRIMERGY RX rack meet all of these with flexible, scalable servers which provide best-in-class performance with energy efficiency that is up to 20% better than competitive products. High product quality, customized configuration and Fujitsu’s complete ecosystem of services and solutions complete the package.

    Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Tower systems - Award-winning investment protection

    Perfect for SMEs and branch offices, Fujitsu server PRIMERGY TX tower increase operational efficiency by providing rock solid reliability, record-breaking performance and outstanding energy efficiency. Thanks to the PRIMERGY ServerView Suite they are also easy to manage, reducing IT admin workload and costs. Plus, tower to rack conversion kits are available for most TX systems to ensure investment protection.
    Fujitsu Server Scale out systems

    Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY Cloud eXtension Family

    The Fujitsu server PRIMERGY CX400 Cloud eXtension systems are the platform for Cloud computing, HPC High Performance Computing, Service Provider and large scale-out computing server farms. They focus on providing large datacenters with massive scale-out x86 server power while at the same time delivering new datacenter economics for server density, energy consumption, heat optimization and lower overall operational costs. The PRIMERGY CX400 server series has everything customers need to achieve a new dimension of cost-effectiveness with a cloud data center. Due to their innovative scale-out design, the PRIMERGY CX400 servers require less space per rack and less energy & heat per server as compared to conventional rack servers. They pay dividends in significantly lowered operating expenses, easier installation and more aggregated computing power in the datacenter at lower all around investment.
    The PRIMERGY CX420 combines the advantages of compact and cost efficient CX server node design with simplicity in operation. It provides Out-of-the-Box Dual Node Cluster solutions for small and medium enterprises as well as branches, delivering High Availability for applications and data to customers, yet requiring only limited expert knowledge while fitting to limited budgets.

    PRIMERGY Rack Technology

    Efficient infrastructure solutions -

    For platforms, switches and workstations that are ready to go and expandable. Create innovative and convenient space-saving solutions with 16 to 42 unit racks and compatible data center accessories. PRIMERGY and PRIMECENTER M1 rack technology: setting the trends of tomorrow.