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    eBook Conversion

    To compile a wide array of text, formatting and information into eBooks is a specialized job, especially when the volume is large.

    NST, a leading data outsourcing company, offers you quality eBook conversion:

    • Any documents, images, drawings, backlist, PDF, etc. that you need to convert to an eBook format.
    • We will do it for you quickly, professionally and affordably.
    • We offer upfront quotes with no hidden prices, no surprises, no garbled results, no teaser rates.

    eBook conversion is the process of compiling data in printed form on paper into electronic books.. This is now a very common practice in today’s tech-savvy world. Company reports, analysis, data inputs, daily reports, worksheets etc.—there are mountains of data that demand to be compiled and presented in a systematic manner. This facilitates easy reading, searching, and understanding and analysis of the situation in the company or outside it, as the case may be. So a lot of businesses opt to compile and convert their widely scattered data into eBooks.

    While making an eBook, we focus on the specific requirements of the client and meet them at each step of the project. The core idea is to put all the information at the client’s disposal in a manner that is quickly accessible and understood, and can be edited if necessary.

    Technical Considerations:

    • We convert from printed sources, PDF, MS Word files, HTML, InDesign, Quark, etc. into eBook formats with proper indexing, links, footnotes, graphics, bookmarks, and active Contents.
    • Our staff is always receptive to your input on any customized services or specs you may require.
    • We use the latest scanners, eBook converter software, and OCR to deliver the goods to your satisfaction.

    Most of all, the process does not end with the tech; we have experienced reviewers check and correct the output of OCR so that 1940 does not come back as i94o. You may be surprised how rare this assurance is for eBook services.

    Advantage in going for eBooks:

    • eBooks can be read on any computer, and anywhere on a laptop or many devices—or even spoken, using software.
    • eBooks also make it easier to find data using keywords. No searching through different pages..
    • They are easily edited and updated.
    • eBook files are conveniently shared and stored with an endless lifetime.
    • eBooks are essential for publishers and authors. There is no going back. Let us take you forward.