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    Drawing Scanning

    Businesses related to sketching and drawing have a regular requirement to scan drawings and upload into the computer for approval, presentation etc. As these can be of various size and volumes it can become a tedious task to do on a regular basis. Hence to make it easier for such business organizations, NST offers an economical and easy option for scanning drawings of various types and sizes. With the use of large drawing scanner, we can scan drawings up to 40” wide and unlimited length.

    Site maps used by Architects, are also scanned to the Clients full satisfaction, so as to serve the purpose of scanning, completely. As per your requirement, we can file it in any image format such as JPEG, BMP, and GIF; at a maximum of up to 1200 Dots Per Inch (DPI). Large images are usually worked at 200 dpi however if you like it can also be up to 400 dpi. Similarly, for pre-cad drawings, once the CAD scanning is done and it is ready to be converted to CAD format. As an extension to our service, we are also well-equipped to change these files into CAD format.

    These large sized scanners, used in NST are not only ideal for various types of image scanning but are also fast paced. Our staff executing the task is well trained and does drawing scanning with utmost care so that the image is rightly placed. Even if the volume to be scanned, our efficient workforce take full care and yet completes the work within the deadline.

    Considering the fact that huge storage space will be saved by transferring the scanned drawing files into CD Rom; it becomes a necessary action for any Organization to opt for scanning service. And with NST, you get the best deal possible for drawing scanning.