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    Book Scanning

    At NST, we undertake book scanning services to convert printed or written words to electronic images. The scanned images can be converted into different file types like JPG, BMP, PDF etc. These images are further converted into easily accessible and fully searchable electronic documents or e-documents. These e-documents can easily be viewed, accessed and stored in computers, compact discs, DVD’s etc. using the latest file encrypting software thereby restricting its use to only authorized personnel.

    A lot of companies, firms and other institutions have their financial, administrative and other sensitive materials in physical form on paper. What this means is apart from taking massive storage space it also calls for tedious search process when a vital piece of information is called for. Books, legal tenders, and other paper based documents are also susceptible to insect attack, decay, and wear and tear. All this means that a company spends enormous amount of its financial, human and real estate resources to maintain a potentially vulnerable data system that could lead to severe losses. To solve this crucial problem NST provides a very economical and useful service of book scanning.

    Besides this old books and other documents can be scanned and restored to their original state or a better version. NST has at its disposal technologies so advanced that they can virtually guarantee high quality scans without disturbing or damaging the original material. Dirty texts, pictures, drawings, layout plans and maps can be cleaned and brought forth with a very fresh, appealing look.  This is very useful for religious, educational and governmental organizations.

    NST runs a very sophisticated scanning business with the latest equipments, highly trained personnel and the latest sophisticated software to deliver the most outstanding service in this field. Strict quality control and confidentiality regarding sensitive materials are observed to protect customer interests. We take extra efforts to gauge individual book scan requirements and offer unique services to cater to each demand. Any concern or apprehension regarding our services is handled in a very professional and on priority basis, by our well trained personnel.